Mounting Nameplates With Brads

Probably the most popular way to attach our plates is by using small nails known as brads.  These require small holes punched through the plates. If you prefer screws, the holes will be a little larger.  We do include brads or screws appropriately matched to the chosen plate material.  We will ship our plates with an extra screw or brad – just in case. 

Brads can be tapped directly into flat sections of picture frames or other flat surfaces.  The diameter of the brads is very small and shouldn't require pre-drilled holes. However if the material being penetrated is brittle, you should consider pre-drilling.

One of the big pains of working with brads is trying to avoid hammering your fingers. Fortunately there are some very clever folks who share their clever methods for brad-nailing-sanity.

My favorite work-around is to deploy the trusty bobby-pin! First example is from Facebook while the other is shown on YouTube.

But wait there's more! At we have three other options. You can use a business card to hammer brads. You can use adhesive tape to setup you brads.  Or you could use a pencil eraser - but really none of my pencils ever seem to have that much eraser left. Plus you'd need to waste 2 pencils just to mount one of our plates!