Using Adhesives Around Artwork

Some plates come without holes pre-punched which facilitates mounting with an adhesive backing.  By default, adhesive backings have a chemical formulation which provides for great general adhesion.  Optimal surfaces for adhesion should be flat with a high surface finish. Rough, curved surfaces are not good candidates for adhesive backings.  Our general adhesive is a 3M350 series which has great overall adhesion to metals, wood, glass and painted surfaces.  

3M™Adhesive Transfer Tape 9485PC Data Sheet Download

General adhesives however don’t play well with works of art, especially when the plate is mounted under glass. Think of photographs especially or even shadow-boxes. General adhesives will release acidic gas over time which can attack papers, pigments, and photographs.  We do offer a 3M Scotch ATG Gold 908 series acid-free adhesive which is heavily employed by professional framers and conservators.  One thing to remember though is that the adhesive strength of the acid-free tape is not as robust as the general tapes.

Scotch®ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape Acid Free 908 Data Sheet Download